Windows 7 not updating

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Windows 7 not updating

Unfortunately even after that was installed, and the machine rebooted, when she goes to the Windows Update CP, she still gets the ominous red symbol instead of the calming green one, though the update history shows the October rollup updates successfully installed.I thought all the monthly Patch Tuesday things these days were cumulative security rollups and installed everything necessary..that not the case? Rollup is just this month's updates in one convenient package.Sadly, that is not what Microsoft did for Windows 7. For Windows 7, the best method for updates as of this post is installing KB3020369, KB3125574, KB3172605, KB3185330.This should fix up the long update check stuff, and get a lot of updates installed.This has been a major and growing problem for most Windows 7 users over recent months.Those users report waiting anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours and more, simply for the updater to respond with its update list.Still, I suppose it makes sense that they didn't want to make things too comfortable for people still using Windows 7. I left a lot of time doing updating even the netbook sleeps waiting for the update.... When you write "I left a lot of time doing updating even the netbook sleeps waiting for the update", if you mean that once you start the Windows Update process, the updater seems to go dead and never gets to a listing of available updates (even after hours of waiting), that's become a common problem in recent months for most Windows 7 users.

Now you should be able to run Windows Update to get anything missing, or get Office updates or other Microsoft Update stuff. I could have sworn, though, that I read somewhere that MS had done the cumulative thing for Windows 7 as well, so that people doing a clean install off disc didn't have to download a billion little updates and babysit the computer for a day or two. Reset WU and delete software Distribution I have stopped WU service, deleted Software Distribution folder and restarted WU service. But after all this trying I am still stuck with a Windows that is not up to date and cannot find any updates.Basically, my sister's machine just sits there and takes forever doing a "search for updates."Being the family's closest thing to an "IT guy" I got her to download and install the October "rollup" updates (first had her temporarily stop the windows update service).Once/if a list does finally appear, the downloading and installation process generally takes the usual amount of time (far less than the terribly long time to currently create the list).I've read several online discussions with claims of how to improve or resolve this slowness issue.

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