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I would love for you to have one and help spread the resources and information I’ve included in this document of everything I’ve been thinking about during it’s 9 month incubation process.

The legend of the movie has grown over the years – many have become convinced that it's a hardcore sex film – but the truth is far less interesting: It's merely a supremely boring and inept softcore affair.

It’s also a stand to what I believe in, freedom of the press, as I strongly identify as a self-publisher and value the freedom to say/print what I want.

could have never gotten any sort of distribution with a legit hardcore movie, so they created a film about a bickering young couple that throws a light S&M party.

No scene is remotely erotic, especially when the characters are having sex.

Their headquarters in the old control tower of the airport is a home base for their investigation.

They have to be careful though, because the ESABB is known for their freaky sexual activity and perhaps have bewitching capabilities to queerify all those who come in contact with them.


The researchers concluded that, although most participants would be 'unlikely to commit an act of revenge porn themselves', there is an 'acceptance' among the majority of behaviour they know is 'frequently occurring online'.

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