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Vintage Frankoma Pottery Large Pitcher w/ Ice Guard"Plainsman" Line - Prairie Green Glaze Vintage Frankoma Pottery Large 3-Quart Pitcher with Ice Guard. "Prairie Green" green/brown blend color glaze on both the exterior and interior. No other chips, no cracks, no scratches, no color loss and no crazing.

It is 9" long (or wide) from tip-of-spout to handle. Has a small impressed "FRANKOMA" mark on the bottom and also "5D". There is a small chip on the interior, under the edge near the handle, which is very difficult to photograph and not exposed to the exterior. All bright areas of glare / shadows are from lighting.

You can train your eye to recognize nuances of glaze, decoration, and form by viewing pieces at galleries, studios, museums, and auction previews.

Books and websites are helpful as well, but seeing the piece in person always leaves a more lasting impression.

After financial problems, Frankoma was sold in 1991.

The pottery operated under various owners for a few years and was bought by Joe Ragosta in 2008. The buildings, assets, name, and molds were sold at auction in 2011. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=frankoma-pottery&lgeo=1&mpre=

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The story of Bauer didn't begin in California however, but rather in Paducah, Kentucky where J.

Andy Bauer ran a ceramics factory which manufactured stoneware crocks, jugs, whiskey jugs, and pitchers.

Sensing the limitations of this geographic dependency and thinking the California climate would be beneficial to his asthma, Andy Bauer opened a second manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California in 1909.

This was an area similar to the Zanesville area of Ohio, where there were groupings of talented potters and designers to draw upon.

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Early wares were made from a light cream-colored clay from Ada, Oklahoma, but in 1956 the company switched to a red burning clay from Sapulpa.