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"He was exceptionally important in the media landscape.We shall not look upon Ted Turner’s kind again."Gerald Levin, who ousted him in a putsch that severed their relationship, acknowledges: “Some people have transcendent notions about changing the world."Isn’t that the thinnest billionaire’s wallet you ever saw?

She is suspicious of him, at one point wanting him reassigned because “He’s too observant.” She takes that back as she begins to appreciate his wisdom, and probably also the fact he seldom disagrees with her.

You generally do not want to start a script with a pile of exposition delivered in voiceover.

It shows that the writer does not know how to subtly show and tell exposition.

Without him, we wouldn’t have an all-cartoon channel or an all-movie channel — maybe not even cable television itself, with all its glorious target programming, its 24-hour sports, passionate punditry and unreal reality. "He was exceptionally important in the media landscape.

We shall not look upon Ted Turner’s kind again."" data-reactid="29""He’s a genius," says former CNN president Tom Johnson.

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I wonder if Bryan Cranston will ever get the screen time he deserves?

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